SCLA | What are the Supplier’s responsibilities to ensure a smooth Drop-off?

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If you are the Supplier of a Leasing deal in xChange, and you are about to initiate the Drop off process, please make sure you follow as outlined below.

According to our xChange Standard Container Lease Agreement’s sub-clause 7(b)

(b) The Supplier shall: 

(i) Nominate the depot or terminal in the location where the User shall redeliver the Equipment.

(ii) Provide The User and xChange with the respective drop-off references after it has been requested by The User. The Supplier is required to provide a drop-off reference at the latest, 72 hours after it has been requested by The User (but earliest 14 days before the estimated time of arrival).
The drop-off reference shall detail:

  • Equipment Type
  • Equipment Quantity
  • Depot Name
  • Depot Address
  • Local Contact Phone Number
  • Local Contact Email Address
    *In case specific Container IDs have been nominated, they also have to be included.
  • The drop-off reference shall be valid for 30 (thirty) days unless otherwise specified.

(iii) Enable the User to Drop off containers after a Drop-off reference has been provided if The User followed the provisions of Sub-clause 7 (c)



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