SCLA | What are the User’s responsibilities to ensure a smooth Drop-off?

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If you are the User of a Leasing deal in xChange, and you are about to move forward with the Drop-off of the units, please make sure you follow as outlined below.


The User can directly review the terms from our xChange Standard Container Lease Agreement, however in simpler terms, the user’s responsibilities are:

Sub-clause 7 (a)
Redeliver Equipment to any of the Supplier’s depots in the locations specified in the Agreed Leasing Terms (or as may from time to time be mutually agreed).

Sub-clause 7 (c)
(i) Notify The Supplier’s depot and The Supplier at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to delivery
Request a delivery timeframe with the Drop-off depot appointed by the Supplier.
Deliver The Equipment within 24-96 hours after the Dropoff reference has been provided by the Supplier.


What are the consequences of not following the steps mentioned above?

  • According to the same section sub-clause 7 (c)
    • Failure to contact The Supplier and The Supplier's depot at least 24 hours prior to Drop-off will result in a waiver of claims for damages against The Supplier (relating to the inability to deliver the Equipment).

    • Failure to deliver The Equipment within 24-96 hours after the notified delivery time shall result in a waiver of claims for damages according to Sub-clause 7 (g) against The Supplier (relating to the inability to deliver The Equipment).
  • For easy reference, you can check below the sub-clause 7 (g) ⬇️

(g) In case of a failed or obstructed redelivery of Equipment where The User followed the provisions in Sub-clause 7 (c)

(i) The Supplier has to bear reasonable costs incurred to The User for unsuccessfully trying to deliver the Equipment.

(ii) The User's obligation to pay rent to The Supplier ceases for the period after a failed delivery or in cases no drop-off reference was provided according to Sub-clause 7 (b) (iii) for affected pieces of Equipment.

Sub-clause 7 (b) ⬇️

(iii) Enable the User to drop off containers after a drop-off reference has been provided if The User followed the provisions of Sub-clause 7 (c).



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