How to add a Trading Demand Listing?

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Demand listings are...

The requirements for containers you want to buy. It is through these requirements that others will be able to find your demand listings in the search and start negotiations with you.

  1. To get started, click on +Create demand listing

  1. You will be prompted to fill out the Container Information:
    1. Location
    2. Category (Dry or Tank Container)
    3. Type (20DC, 40DC, 40HC)
    4. Condition (Cargo worthy, Wind and water tight, etc.)
    5. Year of manufacture (this optional)
    6. Container Colors (optional)

  2. After filling that out, you will move on to Listing Details
    1. Target Price
    2. Quantity 
    3. Valid for (this is the amount of time this listing will be posted on the platform)

  3. Lastly, you will reach to the last stage Optional data
    (We advise that you complete both mandatory and optional data)
    1. You can add Comments
    2. Date when you are ready for Pick-up
    3. Specify the reason for purchase: Export use/Domestic use
    4. Container Prefixes
    5. Date when CSC/Test certificate expires
    6. Documents (such as images of the containers and survey forms)

  4. Make sure to click on Publish Demand Listing to finish the process and share your listing with the other members of the platform.


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