What does it mean to be 'verified' by xChange?

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When companies join xChange, they are subject to a thorough vetting process. We conduct this vetting process on all new companies to ensure that the platform remains a safe and transparent platform for all our members, no matter if they are using or supplying SOC, or looking to trade containers. Once a company has gone through the vetting process, they are considered Verified by xChange.  

The background of the companies and associated individuals are checked through the background check tool which includes millions of different sources Worldwide. If a crime is observed for the company or individuals, these companies cannot pass the vetting check and the payment is refunded. 

Sometimes, xChange may not make sure immediately whether the mentioned crime belongs to that company/individual. In this case, some additional official documents can be requested from the company. If these documents are not provided, the company fails the vetting check and the payment is refunded. 

Some members on the platform joined long before the vetting process was implemented. These companies have shown over the years that they are trustworthy and professional. Thus, they are considered Verified by xChange.  



xChange does not take responsibility if one of the Verified companies would partake in illegal activities nor if they conduct foul play. xChange will, however, help out to the extent possible to resolve any issues that might occur between members.

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