How can I search on the platform?

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The platform is here for all your leasing needs, in order to search you should open the xChange platform and select the main overview page. You will then see the below search bar:


What information should be included in the search?

To get the best, most accurate search results we advise that you:

  1. Choose the right USE/SUPPLY direction:
       If you want to be a user, then you have to choose Use Containers
       If you want to be a supplier, then you have to choose Supply Containers
  2. Add the pick-up location
  3. Add the drop-off location
  4. Choose which containers you wanted to use. For example, are they DRY Containers or Tank Containers
  5. Add the number (quantity) of units
  6. Select the container type (Brand New, Cargo Worthy, IICL, etc.)
  7. Click on the Search button

To widen your search results, you can add the regional location instead of adding the specific location name.

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