How to update your Leasing Deal Listings?

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Accepting Leasing Deals

When you accept a deal, you are asked if you need more containers on the same stretch. If you choose Yes, then xChange will look for more partners on the same stretch as you just accepted. If you choose No, then your Listings will be amended. 

Updating listings - Editing Leasing Deals

When you edit a deal, the system updates your Listings according to the arrangements made in the edit. Other members can then find you in the search field when searching for matching listings. It is important to keep your Listings updated, as there is an automated matchmaking feature - where we will send suggested deals to you based on your needs.

Updating Listings - Declining Leasing Deals

When declining a deal, the system will amend your Listings based on the decline reason you choose. This is why the reason for declining a deal must be accurately provided.

i.e. if you as a supplier update “no inventory” then your balance for the pick-up location and equipment type in the deal is automatically set to 0.

Alternatively, if you, as a user, update “currently no demand for stretch / port-pair” then your Listing for that stretch will be set to 0.

You can also state a short reason in "other" if none of the decline reasons are applicable. Since these data adjustments help the system to learn and in turn send you more relevant deals, you help also yourself by selecting the correct decline reason.

Using the Search field

When making a search in the search field with all four search fields filled out, the system will remember it as a Listing. If you do not want your search to be saved, you can leave 1, 2 or even 3 search fields empty, and search. This will broaden your search substantially and give you more search results.

Updating your Listings - Newsfeed

When you create a newsfeed post, the information in the post is saved as Listings in the system. Making a newsfeed post is a great way of informing your potential partners and the system about what you currently need.




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