What are performance metrics and how can they be improved?

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You are always able to see your and your partners' performance via the company profile. Your performance is based on metrics and statistics on the platform includes Provides data regularly, Replies quickly, Picks-up on time, Releases quickly and Committed to supply. In order to improve your performance, open your company profile and click on the improve your performance button in the performance overview section. You will see different alternatives for improving your performance under each criterion. 

  • Improve the Provides data regularly metric by using the Requirement Evaluation tool and by updating new requirements.
  • Improve the Response time metric by replying to new deals when you receive them. You can also activate browser notification to get notified when you receive new deals or chats.
  • Improve the Picks-up in time metric by sending your truckers to the depo for pick-up as soon as you receive the release reference.
  • Improve the Releases quickly metric by providing a release reference shortly after a deal has been accepted.
  • Improve the Committed to supply metric by releasing as many containers as are accepted in deals.



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