How to make a quality claim for a trading gate-buy deal?

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Quality Compensation Guarantee

xChange guarantees quality compensation for container buyers on the xChange trading marketplace. Sellers must accurately state their container conditions on xChange based on the standard Container Conditions. We support and mediate when a container does not meet the agreed container condition after the drop-off is completed, ensuring fair resolutions for both buyers and sellers.

Claim Process for Gate-Buy Deals

  • General Rules for Gate-Buy Deals:
    • The buyer must report any quality issues within 5 days of receiving the units at their depot and provide relevant evidence:
      • Repair estimates
      • Clear photos showing every angle of the container where the damages can be identified.
      • Photos of the container's CSC plate
    • xChange will assess whether repair costs exceed $100 DPP for validation:
      • If repair costs are less than $100 DPP, the claim will be closed without compensation to the buyer.
      • If repair costs exceed $100 DPP, xChange will validate the compensation amount and transfer it directly to the buyer’s xChange Wallet, marking the claim as resolved.

Steps to Make a Claim for a Gate-Buy Deal

  1. Inspect the Containers: Within 5 days of receiving the units at your depot, thoroughly inspect the containers.
  2. Document Any Issues: Take clear photos and detailed notes of any issues or damages.
  3. Reach out to Customer Support to Open the Claim: Within 5 days from the drop-off of the containers, initiate the claim through the xChange platform by tagging typing @, then clicking on the Support option from the drop-down menu or via email: 

  4. Upload the evidence: Through the documents section, you should provide the requested evidence within 5 days of receiving the units at your depot.
  5. xChange Mediation: xChange will review the evidence and mediate between you and the seller for prompt resolution.
  6. Resolution: Once validated by xChange, the claim will be processed, and appropriate action will be taken.

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