How can I find all the container numbers from a deal?

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To find all the container numbers from a deal, you have two main options:

  1. Go to the Containers tab in the Operations section.
  2. Visit a specific deal page.

Option 1: Go to the Containers tab 

  1. Go to the Operations section and click on the Containers tab to view all your containers.


  1. Type the deal ID in the search bar to quickly locate the container(s) you want to review. 

  1. You can also export data by clicking Export as Excel

4. Within the downloaded spreadsheet, you will find each item is linked to its invoice on the platform. You can access it by clicking on See Invoices in the spreadsheet.

5. By clicking there, a link will open that takes you back to the platform ⬇️



Option 2: Visit a specific deal page

  1. Navigate to the Leasing section and select the Accepted Deals tab.

  1. Open the specific deal you would like to review and click on the Export as Excel button.


  1. In the exported Excel file, you can find comprehensive details of the deal including container numbers, pickup charges, storage fees, per diems, and links to associated invoices.



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