What factors influence the supply listings' search ranking on the trading marketplace?

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In this article you will find the crucial factors that contribute to the supply listing’s ranking on xChange Trading Marketplace: 

  1. The percentage of Negotiations that turn into an accepted Trading deals, which is determined by:
    • A company’s response rate and speed.
    • Keeping the listings up to date, ensuring only available containers are listed.
    • Completing deals on xChange (not taking them offline).

  2. The percentage of deals the company contributes in a specific location.

  3. Listing price compared to other listings posted for:
    1. Location
    2. Container type
    3. Container condition

  4. Listing quality, meaning the listing should include: images, colors, manufacturing details, depots, etc. The listing should provide information that helps potential buyers evaluate and take action.


How can I improve my supply listings' ranking?

Focus on these key areas:

  • Increase your successful negotiations by:
    • Offering fair prices
    • Share detailed and high-quality listings
    • Actively contribute to more deals in your chosen locations.
  • Refrain from withdrawing deals from xChange

This will enhance your ranking and visibility where it matters most. Neglecting these factors will result in a lower ranking.


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