What will change in the xChange Wallet?

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  • You will now see a new Wallet Widget that shows your current Wallet Balance along with the Credit Limit.
  • Each color has a different meaning that will help you know at a glance if you are close to your limit or if you have already reached it.

red wallet widget.png

  • To settle outstanding invoices or top up your wallet, you can simply click on “Pay invoices” and follow the checkout flow.

What does the Red Wallet Widget mean?

  • This means you have reached your Credit Limit.
  • Due to this, you will be requested to pay upfront for every transaction via Credit Card (with a 3% third-party fee) or Bank transfer (which takes several days).

red wallet.png


What does the Yellow Wallet Widget mean?

  • This means you have reached 80% of your available Credit Limit.
  • At this point, we highly encourage you to settle some of your pending invoices or to top up your wallet through the "Pay Invoices" option to be able to accept deals faster.

yello wallet widget.png

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