SCLA | Are additional notes legally binding for both partners?

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If you are not sure what the legal status of the “additional notes” field on the leasing deal page, you found the correct article. 

According to the Standard Container Leasing Agreement, additional notes are not legally binding to both partners (which means these notes do not supersede any xChange Terms and Conditions) and now this is clearly stated on the leasing deals: 

Why are additional notes not legally binding?

  • A review by xChange indicated that most additional notes were either redundant or conflicted with our Standard Container Leasing Agreement. This led to challenges in enforcement and more importantly fairness.


What changes for you? 

1. We introduce new Standard Contract Terms 

In September 2023, we published a new version of our Standard Container Leasing Agreement that highlights the most commonly used topics managed via “additional notes” by xChange customers. 

The 3 most common topics are since then guaranteed as “standard contract terms”, processed, and applied in the wallet automatically:

  • Cancellation fees: $50 per container
  • Free storage period: 14 days
  • DRV period: 365 days

By standardizing these terms, we aim to make the leasing process less dependent on individual agreements and reduce the legal complexity of transacting on xChange.


2. We give you more Transparency 

  • You can find these key “standard contract terms” reflected on the deal page for easy access and understanding!


3. We Streamline our processes

  • The xChange team will continue to enforce the “standard contract terms” mentioned above, any deviating terms added in the additional notes field will not be guaranteed by xChange.

  • Processing of these terms by xChange will only be possible if both partners (Supplier and User) explicitly confirm their applicability in the deal chat.


Your experience, our priority

This change is the result of feedback received from customers transacting on xChange. We are confident that these enhancements will greatly improve your experience on our platform, providing transparency, predictability, and simplicity in every transaction.

Your input is crucial to us, and we’re here to assist you through these updates. Please feel free to reach out with any feedback.

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