SCLA | Settlement of other fees (Additional notes)

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According to section 10 of our xChange Leasing Payment Handling Terms and Conditions: 

10. Settlement of other fees

a. Other fees that are not mentioned in this document can be handled by xChange if (a) The Supplier and The User have agreed to the fees and that they can be settled by xChange and (b) xChange has confirmed its willingness to handle such fees.

In such cases, xChange charges the to-be-charged fees to the account of the debtor, but only credits the amounts to the creditor's account after xChange has received the to-be-paid fees from the debtor. For this xChange charges a 1.95% payment handling fee to the creditor’s account.


b. Fees that are mentioned in this document but for which The Supplier and The User have agreed on deviations from this document or the xChange Standard Container Lease Agreement of how and when such fees should be charged can only be handled by xChange according to Section 10 a.). Such deviations can be, but are not limited to:

  • Higher cancellation fees than outlined in the xChange Standard Container Lease Agreement
  • Increased rental fees after certain days on hire
  • Shorter period for claiming DRVs for non-returned containers
  • Shorter free storage periods or other agreements made in the platform chat or the additional notes field in an individual leasing transaction.


How can I know if xChange will process these Additional Fees through the xChange wallet?

  • All you need to do is tag @support in the leasing deal's chat:

  • Or you can also reach out via email: 
  • We will review your request, on a case-by-case basis, and confirm if we are able to process said fees via the xChange wallet.


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