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Storage fees use-cases for Suppliers

  1. I created a valid Release Reference, and after 7 days the user requests to cancel the units, will the User pay the Storage Fees? 
    No, the Storage Fees 💰 are only applicable after the 14-day free period. 

  2. I have to upload the Release reference for 10 units, but it’s split into 2 separate documents. Release A is for 5 units, and I uploaded it to the platform on Oct 25th.  Release B is for the other 5 units, and I uploaded it to the platform on Oct 30th. When do the Storage fees begin to apply?

    • The storage fees apply after 14 days from the date the release was created in the platform. 

    • For this example, the end of the free period will be November 8th of Release A and November 13th of Release B.

    • After this date 🗓 storage fees will apply every day for each container that has not been picked up.

    • Storage fees will continue to apply until all units are picked up or canceled ❌

  3. I created a Release Reference with a validity of less than 14 days, will there be storage fees applied in this case?

    • Storage fees will not apply if the release gets extended, then there will be applicable Storage Fees after the 14 free days. 

    • If the user does not pick up the units during these 14 days and also does not ask for a new Release or extension, then the supplier can cancel (after the free days + send 14 days deadline) and would get the Cancellation Fee.

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How do we calculate the Storage fees? 

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