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Storage fees use-cases for Users

  1. What if the supplier created a valid Release Reference, and after 7 days I request to cancel the units, will I pay the Storage Fee? 
    No, the Storage Fee only starts to count after the 14 free days. 

  2. The Release expired, if I still want to pick up the units and the supplier is unresponsive, do I need to pay the storage fees? Can I give a cancellation deadline?
    Yes, the Storage Fee starts to count after the 14 free days. According to sub-clause 12 (d) (ii) The user needs to give a 24-hour deadline to cancel the deal and pay for the Cancellation Fee.

  3. If the supplier provides a Release Reference with a validity of less than 14 days, do I still need to pay the Storage Fee?
    No. Only if the Release Reference gets extended, then there is the Storage Fee after 14 free days.

  4. If a deal was accepted with 10 units, the supplier only released 5 units, and I have not picked them up yet, and then the supplier asks to cancel the deal, do I need to pay the Storage Fee for 5 units or 10 units?
    The user needs to pay the Storage Fee for 5 released units after 14 free days. 


How do we calculate the Storage fees? 

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