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What is Tracking? 

Part of Container xChange’s offering in the container list is the tracking of all units currently underway. Once activated, we will display all available ETA and POD data for all your containers under management at xChange, which we source directly from shipping lines and other partners.


Why do I need Tracking?

The additional information provided to you by tracking your containers allows you to stay informed on all your shipments, knowing well in advance if a container will be late (or whether or not it is stuck somewhere).

This allows you to take action, for example by managing your contracts or by organizing a timely drop-off, in order to protect your margin and keep your partners informed and content. Additionally, knowing that your container is on time will allow you to plan more efficiently and accurately. 


How much does Tracking cost?

  • The charge for Tracking is 0.25 USD per month/per tracked container (you will know we were able to track the unit if the ETA and POD data are available).
    • If the ETA and POD are not available, you don’t have to pay anything.


How can I activate Tracking for my containers?

Quick and easy! We indicate if data is available for each of your containers, and you can activate this feature with just a few clicks.

  • First, open the Containers tab or any deal page, and check the ETA and POD columns.
  • If your container has a Show data sign, click on it and then hit Confirm on the banner that opens.
  • That’s it! You'll now have access to the available ETA and POD details for all of your selected containers.


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