My leasing deal is in the payment stage, will I have to pay for cancellation fees if I cancel now?

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  • The moment both partners confirm and accept the terms of the leasing deal, the deal moves to the Payment stage

    • This means the leasing deal becomes 100% official and binding.

  • An invoice will be generated, and the paying partner will be prompted to select their payment method.

    • When the deal is accepted, the invoice will be added to the wallet. 

    • This does not mean the Credit Limit (Wallet balance) 💰 has been charged already.

  • We will only charge the invoice to the paying partner's available wallet balance after they select their desired payment method, for example: Use Wallet to Proceed

use wallet to proceed 2.png


When would I have to pay the applicable cancellation fees?

  • According to the xChange Standard Container Leasing Agreement, sub-clause 12 (a):
    • (a) The Supplier and The User may cancel the contract or single pieces of not picked-up Equipment within 12 (twelve) hours from the acceptance date without any penalty.

  • This means that a Leasing Deal can be canceled without penalty if either the User or the Supplier requests a Cancellation by tagging @support on the leasing deal within the first 12 hours of reaching the Payment Stage.


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