Communication rules for xChange users

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At Container xChange, we are committed to fostering a transparent, secure, and fair trading and leasing environment for all our users.

For us to maintain the integrity of our platform and the satisfaction of our community, all clients must adhere to the following rules: 

  1. Deal initiation and completion on xChange: All deals initiated on xChange must be completed exclusively through the platform. A “started deal” refers to a negotiation initiated within the xChange platform. It’s strictly prohibited for customers to continue communication offline during any stage on xChange. 

  2. Restricted sharing of contact information: ​​Requesting or sharing contact information and invoice details including exchanging such information within chat conversations, comments on listings, or any other sections of the platform, is prohibited. Sharing this information is permissible only if it’s strictly necessary for the post-acceptance process, such as providing invoice details or scheduling a survey. Customers must refrain from suggesting or implying offline communication to finalize a deal.

  3. Offline payments: If customers wish to make an offline payment after negotiations, they should disable 'Payment Handling' and use the xChange chat to exchange necessary invoicing information. However, this choice implies acknowledging the risks of delayed or non-payment, as well as increased time and effort for invoicing. xChange will only support communication and mediation between partners.


Consequences of breaching rules

xChange enforces fair and transparent consequences for rule violations:

  • Lower ranking on the xChange platform’s search result page.
  • Decreased automatic matching with new business partners—potentially placed on a blacklist.
  • Temporary one-week marketplace ban:
    • No access to start new negotiations or connect with new partners (non-refundable).
    • The company will still be able to access its existing deals. 
  • Permanent marketplace ban after completion of all active transactions, resulting in an indefinite loss of platform access (non-refundable).


Advantages of closing deals on xChange

  1. Safer transactions
  • xChange prioritizes a secure and transparent environment.
  • Our operations team provides timely support and guidance during the dispute and issue resolution process.
  • Offline deals lack xChange support, exposing users to potential risks.
  1. Boosted visibility
  • Positive user behavior, such as completing deals on xChange, leads to higher search rankings and increased visibility, leading to improved deal-making prospects.
  1. Extra benefits
  • You can opt for premium features like 'Payment Handling'.
  1. Customer satisfaction
  • Consistent use of xChange enhances platform scores and account health.
  • Positive transactions result in favorable reviews, attracting new partners.
  1. Co-marketing benefits
  • Regular xChange users may benefit from collaboration and promotion opportunities. This includes recognition on the website, success stories, ads, and invitations to events.
  1. Efficiency and streamlined transactions
  • xChange facilitates seamless communication, ensuring every transaction is swift and hassle-free.
  • The platform is designed for an efficient user experience that’s beyond network expansion.

Adhere to these rules and embrace xChange for a secure, reliable, and rewarding trading and leasing experience.


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