What is xChange gate monitoring service?

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xChange supports you with reporting container movements

We know it's both difficult and time-consuming for suppliers and users to monitor the movement of containers, especially when large amounts are being transacted. 

This is why, on top of the option for both suppliers and users to report pick-up and drop-off dates directly in the xChange (see more details here), we are also providing an extra service of collecting and reporting this information for you! 


Why is it important?

The pick-up and drop-off events (pick-up charge, per diems calculation, etc.) are reflected in your wallet upon reporting the pick-up and drop-off dates. The sooner your containers are reported as picked up the sooner your wallet will be updated!


How does it work?

After your release reference has been confirmed, our internal team will be monitoring the picked-up and dropped-off containers on a regular basis through the contact information provided in the release and drop-off references.

As soon as we collect the pick-up or drop-off date of your container(s), our team reports it in the xChange platform which is visible on the Deal Page and Tacking app (see more details here).

Our objective is to make pick-up dates available for you within a week after pick-up and drop-off.



Our internal team is also offering integration options to reduce your manual work when you report pick-up or drop-off data. To learn more about automating the report of pick-up or drop-off dates, check here


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