How can I track my container's status?

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Where can I see it?

On the xChange platform, we give you the possibility to consult the status of all the containers you transacted in either of the following:

1. You can check the status in the Leasing Deal page by clicking on View Tracking 

2. Which will take you to the Deal Tracking Overview



Which container is under which reference?

You can check which container belongs to which release reference. Simply click the “Reference No.” or Visit Reference Manager to see the details.


2. Tracking app - by going to the xChange menu (you will get an overview of all pick-up and drop-off dates, see more details here)


How does it work?

Our in-house technology makes it possible to track the movements of your containers when they are being transported on the vessel and consolidate this at the deal or container level (Leasing Deal page or Tracking app, see above section).

In addition, our international team is working with the depots mentioned in your release and drop-off references to collect and centralize Pick-up and Drop-off movements in one place (also available from the Leasing deal page and Tracking app). To learn more about this, click here.

Last but not least, it is possible for both suppliers and users to report Pick-up and Drop-off dates directly from the app. To learn how, click here.

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