When is a Release Reference confirmed (xChange Confirmation)?

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On your behalf, xChange monitors the release references you uploaded (both from the deal page and the Reference Manager, see article here).


Confirming Release References

As soon as you create your Release Reference on the deal page or in the Reference Manager, our team will check if the Release Reference is known and valid at the depot. 

Our international team will contact the depot mentioned in the Release Reference and:

  • Confirm that the Release Reference is known with the depot (once we confirmed, the release reference turns green);
  • Confirm the validity of the Release Reference (the user can pick up the containers);
  • Validate the number of containers as per the release reference;
  • Inform you in the deal chat or via email, if the Release Reference is unknown to the depot.


Speed of confirmation

Our team is committed to providing you with the fastest confirmation process. Our objective is to give you visibility on the status of your release within 24 hours. 




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