How do I decline a Leasing Deal after it has been accepted? - Why it is bad and should be avoided?

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A one-sided cancellation of the agreement is not very honourable in the business world as it shows a lack of commitment or responsibility to conduct successful business between two companies per the agreement.


Binding Agreement:

Accepting a leasing deal with a partner makes you enter a binding agreement. Only when you are sure you can use or supply the agreed containers, you should accept a deal. 

If you are in doubt, please communicate that with your partner via chat to find a solution or a later agreement.


Bad Rating and Loss of Trust:

Repeatedly accepting deals and later cancelling them makes the network lose trust in your good company. If an accepted deal needs to be closed, it automatically leaves a bad performance rating on your company profile as well as negatively impacts your “pick up performance” company ratings. This could lead to fewer partners being willing to work with you.


Storage Compensation:

In some leasing deals with an agreed storage fee, the supplier will charge you Storage fees as compensation for blocking his containers. This fee also applies to all non-picked-up units when none or just part of the containers were picked up.


We recommend you only accept deals where you are quite sure the full equipment quantity can be used timely.


However, we understand that sometimes things are not going as planned. In that case please reach out to us via @Support in the deal chat by explaining to us the reason for your cancellation request so we can process a decline after accepted for you and try to find a solution that is beneficial for all involved parties. (This includes us trying to find alternative partners for the disappointed party.)


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