What should I do if the Release Reference has expired?

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First: You should always inform your partner about the delay in the chat

You may have many reasons which leads to pick-up delays, for example:

  • The booking got lost, or your booking simply got delayed.
  • You are still checking and are in contact with your local agents to solve a problem.
  • The market changed over night, which requires you to change your plans.

Our Tip: Before accepting a leasing deal, make sure you have confirmed all your external business already (i.e. trucking, local agents, slots etc), to avoid accepting a deal, but later cannot pick up containers. 

Regardless of the reasons for your delays, you should always & immediately inform your partner of the delay.

The below illustration provides some examples of issues and resolutions:


Why is it necessary for you to inform your partner of the pick-up delay?

It is important to inform your partner of any delays in pick-up plans. If you do not inform your partner of the delayed pick-up, you may face the  below consequences:

  1. Declining a deal after it has been accepted automatically leaves a bad rating on your company profile and storage fees (or any other individual penalties) might apply for all non-picked containers.
  2. Not picking up the full quantity of containers negatively affects your “pick up performance” on your company profile  and storage fees (or any other individual penalties) might apply for all non-picked containers.
  3. Your partners may leave bad ratings on your company profile or stop working with you in the future. (Treat others like you want to be treated.)
  4. Having a deal on xChange with an expired release not only is frustrating for your partners, but also causes unnecessary stress for you in the form of automatic platform reminders or partners asking for updates on the pick up.

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