How can I use the Insurance Manager to stop an Insurance Policy?

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Until when is my insurance premium running?

Your containers are insured until they have been reported as returned. 


Where can I stop the insurance?

  • This can be done in the Insurance Manager through the following options: 

    • You can directly stop the insurance for each individual batch by selecting “Stop insurance for all units”
    • Alternatively, you can upload a list of containers you want to stop insurance for by using the “Stop insurance for multiple units” feature.


Does my policy stop automatically after 60 days? 

  • Your policy will continue running until you stop it on our platform.

  • To stop the insurance you will need to report return dates of the containers. 

  • You can also select an arbitrary date for which you want the protection to stop.

  • In this case, please note that all damages found after the reported return dates are not eligible for coverage.

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