How can I deal with damage/repair related issues in Trading deals?

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Below are various scenarios where the containers may not be in the expected condition or have been damaged:


1. The containers I went to pick up are not in the condition promised, how this be resolved?

With payment handling set to ON you have an added benefit of a buyer guarantee period of 7 days after a release is added to the platform. This guarantee period means that if you pick-up the units within this time period and find that the units are not in the condition promised, then you inform your partner/xChange support on the platform request chat.

Either the seller will have alternative units which fits the timeline of your requirement or an immediate refund will be processed as to cancel the deal.

 In case the 7 day guarantee period has passed, still please reach out to our service team for support. They can communicate with the seller and work to immediately solve the problem.


2. I (buyer) have received the containers in my Gate-buy deals but they are in a damaged condition, how do I go about getting my repair charges paid?

An Estimate of Repair (EOR) is to be uploaded within the first 5 days of having received the final container in the deal.



Please upload this information to the documents section on the platform and inform the seller via the platform chat about the damages. The support agents will help you with the next steps.

*Important* if the EOR issued by depot is not provided within 5 days of having received the containers then no compensation on the repairs can be claimed


3.  I (Seller) do not agree with the repair claims shared by the buyer in the gate-buy deal, how can I dispute this?

 If you (seller) do not agree with the repair claims shared by the buyer on the platform chat then it must be disputed within 5 days of the buyer having shared the Estimate of Repair (EOR).

In this case, an external survey will be arranged (the costs for which are to be shared between the buyer and the seller). The outcome of the survey cannot be disputed and the appropriate party will be charged and credited to close the dispute.


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