Who is responsible for units being returned to the correct depot?

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Below are two scenarios and explanations for who is responsible for arranging that the units are returned to the agreed depot:

1. I (Buyer) picked up the wrong unit at the depot, who is responsible for transporting this unit back? 

It is important to check the unit's condition and type before picking the unit up at the depot. Once a unit has been picked up, it is the buyer’s responsibility to return it. The first step towards resolving this issue would be to inform the seller of what exactly took place and when you plan to return the unit to the depot. Before delivering the unit, it is important to call at least 24 hours before, to ensure no operational hiccups hinder the process.

2. I (Seller) am unable to deliver the unit to the buyer’s depot, how will I get compensated for my loss?

According to the sales contract, you must contact the depot at least 24–48 hours before making a delivery. As the Seller, you are responsible for notifying the buyer on the platform chat about the upcoming delivery. If you followed the procedure and still could not deliver the units, then the buyer is responsible for bearing the loss. Please share the trucking invoices as proof of the loss incurred, and we can settle the amount via the platform wallet.


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