I have reached my Unit Limit, what happens with my leasing deals now?

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Reaching the limit does not affect previously accepted, ready-for-pickup, and picked-up deals. 

For new or in-progress deals, you have the option to either:

  • Increase your limit - How can I increase my Unit Limit?
  • Align with us (limits@container-xchange.com) for an upfront payment regarding specific urgent deals or an outstanding invoices' settlement, as your limit depends mainly on your financial performance;
  • Agree with the partner that xChange cannot offer a payment guarantee for this deal - we only credit the supplier once we receive payment from you.
  • By supplying your own containers. For every container you supply, you can pick up one more container;
  • Review your open deals post accepted status (e.g., update the number of units, or cancel outdated deals); 
  • Update drop-off dates of already returned units on our platform ;
  • Return already picked up containers.

Please note that all other services will still apply as always:

  •  Pick Up and Drop Off Monitoring and Tracking;
  •  Payment Handling (including invoicing and dispute resolution);
  •  Any Insurance (if selected);
  •  xChange Support for the deal.

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