How can I request a payout from xChange in Leasing and Trading?

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Why is this important?

We want to ensure all clients have a frictionless experience when requesting and receiving a payout from their xChange Wallet to their bank accounts.

In this article, we will clarify the standard process for the payouts of your positive balance from leasing or trading deals.



You can request a payout of the positive balance in your xChange Wallet to your bank account any day of the week (fully, or partially) after you have received the monthly invoice from us.

  • Monthly invoices are issued when the month in turn is completed. These are sent by the 5th of every month that follows.

    • For example, credits related to January's activity can only be released after the 5th of February, after you have received your monthly invoice.

  • It is important to note that Payouts of your positive wallet balance can only be processed after the send-out of the monthly invoices.

  • The reason for this is that both Users or Suppliers could report last-minute Pickup or Drop off data, which would alter the final monthly invoice.

  • If you are wondering how much money you can request in your payout, please review the related article:



You can request a payout to your bank account as a seller on a trading deal. The option to request a payout will appear after the Release is uploaded.

  • Click on the Request payout button ⬇️ 

  • Select the release for which you would like to request a payout to your bank account.

  • After you request the Payout, this action will be recorded for you to easily check later if you have already requested a payout or not.

  • Due to the buyer protection policy, the payout will be made 7 days after the release is created and it is subject to a positive wallet balance on that day.

  • If you would like to request a payout to your bank directly, please request it within 7 days after the release reference is created.

  • If you don't request it within 7 days, the credits will be kept in your wallet 💰

  • If you request a payout within 7 days and you have a ✅ positive wallet balance, the payout will be made 7 days after the release is created.
    • Our finance team will confirm the same on the trading deal's chat.

  • Please note that it usually takes 5-10 banking days for the payment to reach your bank account, depending on the country and respective bank.

  • If you request a payout within 7 days but you ❌ don't have a positive wallet balance, the credits will be kept in your wallet. Our payments team will also confirm this in the chat of the trading deal. 

  • In case of any questions, please email with the subject ''DEAL ID: Bank Payout''


Process of Requesting a Payout

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