What are the leasing deal stages?

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Negotiation Stage

  • It is during this stage that the terms of the leasing deal are defined.
  • The process starts with either the user or the supplier proposing a set of terms and the respective partner completing the next action by:

    • Update the terms
      • Through this option, you can edit the terms to your needs. You can adjust the pick-up charge, per diems, and pick-up, or drop-off locations. 
    • Confirm the terms
      • You can select this option if you have reviewed all of the proposed terms, you agree to each one, and you do not need to request any changes. 
    • Decline
      • This option is the way to cancel the leasing deal and you can choose it if you are truly not interested in any of the proposed terms. 

  • In case a deal is sent out and there is no initial response from the receiving party, the deal will automatically be declined after 7 days.


Release Stage

  • As soon as the terms have been confirmed by both partners, the leasing deal will move to the Release Stage.

  • This does NOT mean that the release reference has already been uploaded, but actually, the Supplier has now been requested to upload the release reference. 
  • As soon as a release reference is provided, the deal will be changed to Pickup.

    • If you are the Supplier, please share the release reference as soon as possible.

    • Your Release performance will be shown under your company profile, the faster you provide the release the better the rating! 👍🏻


Pickup Stage

  • After the supplier provides the release reference to the user, the deal status is set to Pickup.
  • In this stage, you will find all the deals that have the release reference(s) provided by the supplier.
  • The user is in the process of picking up the units.
    • All users are highly encouraged to pick up the released units as soon as possible and report them on the leasing deal through the Report Pickup option.
  • The user's pick-up performance will be shown under their company profile.
  • The faster pickup is completed, the better the rating will be! 👍🏻


Dropoff Stage

  • During this stage containers have already been picked up by the user, and are in the process of being dropped off at the correct location.

  • It is during this stage that the user will be requested to report the containers with their respective Drop-off date and container number through Report drop-off 

    • Make sure to complete this step so the system can correctly calculate the Per Diems and Insurance.

  • Once all containers have been returned to the supplier's appointed location, the deal stage gets set to Completed.


Completed Stage

  • After every container is reported as dropped off by the user, the status of the deal is seen as completed.
  • It also means that the transaction is entirely completed and the deal is closed.
  • After a deal is set as completed, you can still access it and use the deal to look up information or even for communication purposes.

Declined deals

  • If a deal gets declined (canceled), it will show in the Canceled Deals folder on the left side of the deal overview page.
  • If you need access to an older, declined deal, reach out to xChange at service@container-xchange.com.


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