What are Ratings and Reviews, and how are they rated?

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What are Third Party References?

  • Third-party references are a part of the xChange background check process. In some cases, these are requested when additional information about a company is required.
  • The Vetting Team will reach out to your reference contacts to request a review of your company.
  • These contacts can be partners that your company has done business with in the past or is currently doing business with but should not be affiliated to the company.


What is the Reviews Section?

  • On your company profile, you will find the Reviews section. Under this section, reviews received from your references and partners you have worked with through xChange will be visible here.

  • Based on every transaction done via xChange, both partners are prompted to rate each other’s performance. This way, members can have an insight into their potential partners before making a deal. Having a good rating will increase your chances of getting your leasing deals accepted.


Why should I leave a review of my partner?

As xChange is a network of members, reviews are highly recommended for members to receive some impressions about a company. Therefore, leaving a review is highly recommended - whether from third-party references or other members, as these have been known to contribute to members’ success on the platform while increasing trust and transparency.



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