How do I create a Release Reference?

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Why is it important to create a Release Reference on xChange platform?

  • Suppliers must provide the release reference promptly. Without a valid release reference, users will not be able to pick up containers.
  • If suppliers do not create a release reference on the platform, users and suppliers can not report picked-up containers on xChange platform afterwards. 
  • It will also impact suppliers´ performance ratings.


When should I provide the Release Reference?

Once a deal is accepted, the supplier should provide the release reference as soon as possible to avoid any of the issues mentioned above.


How do I create a Release Reference?

  • Supplier opens the deal and clicks on the 'Provide release reference' button located in the top-middle of the page. 
  • Then type in the Release Reference NO., Validity, Pick-up location, Quantity, and Depot.
  • Then click on the 'Add pick-up reference'.

You can create several release references for a single deal. As soon as you create a release reference, the user is informed via email and platform notifications. You should also specify the validity - this means how long the release will be valid, and whether your partner will be able to use the release reference to pick up containers.

What should I do if I am unable to create the Release Reference?

If you have any issues creating the release reference, please immediately contact Support via the deal chat, you should '@Support' and advise why you are unable to provide the release reference.

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