I accepted a Deal, but the Deal is in the payment stage. Can I release or pick up containers?

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After both partners confirm and accept the terms, the leasing deal will be moved to the Payment stage.

  • When the deal is in the payment stage, the paying party will be prompted to choose how they would like to pay for the pick-up charge.

  • Before we receive the payment, the deal will remain in a Waiting for payment status. 

Can I release containers in the payment stage? 

  • No. Please don't share any release references with your partner while we are waiting for payment.
    • If you provide the release reference of the units before we confirm that we have received payment, you are internalizing the risk.
      • Container xChange does not guarantee a payout where the units are picked up before the payment is received and confirmed by us.
  • Your deal will be moved to the release stage when payment is received by Container xChange. 


    • The Supplier will be prompted to upload the release reference in the release stage.

Can I pick up containers in the payment stage?

  • No. If you are waiting for the partner to pay the pick-up charge, please don't pick up any containers from them while we are waiting for payment.
    • If you need to pay the pick-up charge, please arrange the payment as soon as possible.

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