Will there be changes caused by the Credit Limit that makes the invoicing easier?

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Yes. we want to make it easier to pay different invoices, therefore moving forward the Leasing Pick-up Charges Invoices will be issued instantly when you accept a deal. This way you will have a single invoice to keep an overview of each deal.


How did it work before the Credit Limit?

  • All invoices would be issued on the fourth of the following month with a 7-day payment due date.

  • Pick-up charges would be issued together with other charges in one invoice.

  • You could accept as many deals as you wanted as long as you stayed within your Unit Limit.


How does it work now with the Credit Limit ✨

  • After a deal is confirmed by both partners:

    • An Instant Invoice for the Pick-up charges of the deal will be issued to the wallet.

    • All Pickup charges Invoices will have a 30-day payment due date

    • We will issue a 30-day due date invoice for deals that stay within their Credit Limit.

      • After the Credit Limit is reached, customers will only have one option:

        • Upfront payment (via Credit Card or Bank Transfer).

  • All other invoices (DRV, Storage, per diems, etc. ) will be invoiced on the 5th of the next month as usual. Only the DRV invoices are issued instantly.

    • These invoices will be due for payment on Receipt (meaning the payment is due as soon as you receive the Invoice) and not on a 7-day payment target.


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