If my wallet balance is negative, and the deal exceeds my Credit Limit, can I partially pay with the Credit Limit and use other payment methods for the rest?

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  • No, the deal's value must stay within your Credit Limit.

  • It operates similarly to a Credit Card Limit 💳
    • This means you will have the option to pay the total amount of the deal's value with the Wallet/Credit Limit or not at all.

    • If funds are insufficient, you can pay for pending invoices to boost your wallet balance and credit limit, allowing you once again to swiftly accept leasing deals.

You can also use any of the following payment methods: 

  • Credit card (with a 3% third-party fee)

  • Bank transfer (which may take several days).

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For Example

  • Your Credit Limit is +50,000 USD

  • Your wallet balance is currently 0 USD

  • The deal value is +51,000 USD

→ You will NOT have the option to pay with the Wallet

→ You have to pay the full amount with a Bank transfer or Credit Card through an upfront payment.


How can I avoid this?

You can split the deal into smaller parts before confirming the terms, and ensuring the deal's total worth stays within your Credit Limit

  •  Open a deal that is worth a total of 49,000 USD instead.
  • This way you will stay within the Credit Limit.
  • IMPORTANT: A deal can NOT be “split” after it is accepted to reduce the invoice.



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