Where can I find the Release or the Invoice of a Trading deal?

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If you are the Buyer of a trading deal, and you are not sure where to find the Release or Invoice of the Trading deal, this is the article for you!

  • You will find the Documents section right next to the chatbox as shown below:
    • If you don't see it, just scroll down on the page ⬇️
  • You will be able to download the Release or the Invoice or upload any photos or invoices you would like to share with your partner here.


Important Remarks for Pick-up

  • Please make sure to always contact the depot 24 hours prior to pick up to get confirmation the release is valid and known in their system (and also that the units are available and not buried).

  • Make sure the unit(s) are in the agreed condition before they are Gated Out of the Depot.

  • As soon as you have gated out the units from the depot, you are also accepting the container's condition.



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