Can I schedule recurring shipments? Is Cargo insurance included?

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1. Can I schedule recurring shipments for regular business needs?

Absolutely! Our platform allows users to easily set up and manage shipments. If you want to book on a regular basis:

  • You can easily come back every week and place your booking on the respective vessels with your preferred partner.
  • You can also negotiate a rate for a whole month if you want, to do that, use the chat when communicating with the shipping line.

If you need assistance or have specific requirements, feel free to reach out to us, and our team will be more than happy to help you schedule and coordinate your recurring shipments efficiently.
Your convenience is our priority!

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2. Is Cargo insurance included in the shipping services?

  • Cargo insurance is not automatically included in the shipping services.

  • However, you can find detailed information about its inclusion status under the "Included" or "Not Included" section on our platform.

  • If you wish to obtain cargo insurance for your shipment, you have the option to request it separately from some of the partners. Feel free to reach out to us in terms of unclarity.

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