How can I communicate with my partner? Can I negotiate additional services?

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1. How can I communicate with my partner?

The platform provides a chat feature located on the right-hand side. This chat functionality enables you to engage in real-time conversations with the supplier, such as your carriers or other stakeholders involved in the shipment process. Through the chat, you can discuss:

  • Business terms
  • Rates
  • Schedules
    (and any other pertinent details to reach mutually beneficial agreements)

The platform's integrated chat feature simplifies communication, supports the negotiation process, and ensures all involved parties are on the same page.

It fosters transparency and enhances collaboration, ultimately leading to successful negotiations for all parties involved.


2. Can I negotiate additional services, local charges, or benefits with the shipping lines?

Local charges are typically standardized and non-negotiable to maintain consistency and fairness across all customers. Therefore they are not subject to negotiation on xChange. 

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