What is the Return Date feature?

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The Return Date feature allows container users to easily provide an estimate of how long they will use the containers (basically the user can provide an approximate time between pick-up and drop-off).

This feature also helps suppliers better understand container usage, increasing the likelihood of successful deals.


How can the container user provide the estimated dates? 

  • This feature appears during the Negotiation phase of leasing deals.
  • Users can enter pickup and dropoff dates as date ranges.
    • For example, if unsure of the exact pickup date, the user can input an approximate start and end date.
    • Users may also receive reminders to initiate the return of containers based on these dates.


How can the container supplier be up to date with the estimated pickup and dropoff dates? 

  • The estimated pickup and dropoff dates are visible to the supplier as soon as the user provides them. 
  • In addition, suppliers can send reminders to users, prompting them to provide the dates if they haven't been provided yet.


Is it mandatory to provide these Pick-Up and Drop-Off Dates? 

  • Users have the flexibility to decide whether or not to provide pickup and dropoff dates.
    • However, we highly recommend including these details during the negotiation process as it helps set clearer expectations with the supplier.
  • On the other hand, if the user chooses to share the estimated container usage, it is mandatory to submit a Drop-off date.


At which stage of the leasing deal can we provide these date estimates? 

  • Throughout the leasing deal, users have the flexibility to enter the Pick-up and Drop-off dates at any point.
  • Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that all users provide this information as soon as possible to ensure a smoother process.


How can the Supplier send a reminder to the User?

  • All Suppliers have the option to send a reminder message to Users through the chat.

  • When the supplier clicks on the "Send Reminder" button, it triggers a notification in the chat.

  • The message kindly asks the user to provide the estimated duration of container usage.

  • Please note the supplier can only use this reminder if the user has not provided the estimated arrival dates, and can only be triggered once.


Will these dates be reflected in the system? 

  • After the user has provided the containers' estimated Pick-up and Drop-off dates, the supplier will be able to see these dates on their deal page.


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