Trading | Gate-buy deal | What happens after a negotiation is confirmed by both Buyer and Seller?

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With Payment Handling ON

When a negotiation has been confirmed by both buyer and seller with Payment Handling ON, the negotiation will move on to the “Payment” stage.



In the Payment stage, an invoice will be uploaded automatically. This invoice will be visible under the Documents section as shown below.

We have 4 possibilities for making payments. Simply click the Proceed with payment button, and choose an option.

What are the next steps for the Buyer?

The buyer will have to arrange payment to xChange with the invoiced amount. Once payment has been confirmed by xChange, the negotiation will be moved to the stage of Reference.


The Reference Stage

During the “Reference” stage, xChange will kindly ask the buyer to provide drop-off details onto the platform.

What are the next steps? 

The buyer has the choice to either upload their own drop-off reference document OR create the release document using the format/template provided by xChange.

The buyer will have to provide information such as depot address, depot contact, and release validity on the release reference. Once the information has been filled out, the release can be added.

Once the release reference has been added, it will be visible for the seller to download under “Documents” and the deal will be moved on to the “Drop off” stage.


What will the Seller view? 



The Drop off Stage


The negotiation will move onto the “Drop off” stage once the buyer has added the drop-off reference.



In this stage, the seller will have to arrange the delivery of the units to the buyer’s depot (**Please make sure to communicate the delivery method before confirming with the partner**).


The seller will then have to upload the container number and the delivery date for each container onto the platform. Once all the units are delivered, the negotiation will be closed and marked as Completed.


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